A Word of Welcome

I extend a warm welcome to you as you start to visit the website of our parish, Whitechurch Parish in the Church of Ireland (Anglican) Diocese of Dublin. I hope you will find items to interest you as you work your way along. Please do come back to me if there is anything that you would like to know more about.

Best wishes,

Horace McKinley (Rector)

Hand Out May 2018

Sunday Services 27th May.
8.00 a.m., Holy Communion.
10.30 a.m., Holy Communion.
        *Sunday Club.
7.00 p.m., A Service of Healing and Wholeness.

See if you won a prize here is the list of Raffle prizes Winners 2018

Join us for Ecumenical Bible Week here on Wednesday 23rd of May with Kieran O'Mahony OSA

Rescheduled Date for the Men's Breakfast.

Photographs from Palm Sunday.

Some more photographs taken on the morning of the Son-Rise Easter Ecumenical Celebration Service, these were taken by David Hunt parishioner.

Photographs taken by Tony Corocran parishioner from Church of the Annunciation of the Son-Rise Easter Sunday Ecumenical Celebration Service on Montpelier Hill beside the Hell Fire Club

Listen back to Michael Comyn's interview on Leap of Faith with Canon Horace McKinley and Reverend Graham Stockdale

Thank you to the Mothers' Union for the Wonderful Hampers they have made up for local agency distribution.

Look who got to meet Pope Francis on his recent visit to Rome...... Philip.

Photographs of the recent visit to Rwanda

The fish farmer Joseph, Francine's husband.

7 of our Billy Browne Bursary pupils.

Mount Zion window

Bishop Jered motivating the sowers

Carpentry Workshop

Learning to build walls

Presentation to our Rector to mark 40 years

Gerry Pullman with his beautifully hand crafted carved cross presented to Pam and Horace to celebrate their 40 years here in the parish .

Some wonderful photographs taken celebrating Horace and Pam's 40 years here in our Parish on Friday 18th November

Photographs taken on Sunday 18th September at the Service here celebrating Horace and Pam's 40 years in the Parish

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