Parish publications include:

(1) 'Behind the Scenes' (the story of the Whitechurch district in south county Dublin) and written in 1983 by Ernest Shepherd. This excellent publication is available at the Representative Church Body Library (email   tel., 4923978, 4924770) and a few local libraries.

(2) In 1998, there was produced 'Whitechurch Old Schools (1823)', a large information and story brochure, issued to coincide with the re-building and extension of the Old Schools. Educational historians and students would find some of its articles very useful.

(3) 'People and Steeple' (editor, Patrick Comerford) was produced in 2002, to mark the re-roofing of our church. It is a very colourful publication, telling the story of a parish and community, past and present.

A small number of copies of (2) and (3) remain at the parish office and are also in the Representative Church Body Library where most of the parish's past records are stored and where they can be searched. In addition, some very old record books (accounts, attendance) of Whitechurch National School for the period 1827 - 1841 are on permanent loan in the Museum of Education at the Church of Ireland College of Education, Upper Rathmines Road, Rathmines, Dublin 6 (Tel. 4970033, Fax. 4971932). 
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