Activity Contacts

Sunday Services: 8.00 a.m. 10.30 a.m . 7pm

Wheelchair access at all times

Mid-Week Service (+Prayer for the Sick) : 10.30 a.m. Wednesday.

• Holy Baptism: First and Third Sundays of the month only.

• Wedding Fee: €300

• Burial Fees:
Opening of New Grave €900
Re-opening of existing Grave €450
Erection of Headstone €300
Erection of Flatstone €300
Erection of Surrounds €300
Cremation Plots 2ft.x 2ft. €500
Only members of the parish are eligible for graves (apart from those who already own existing grave plots).
Advance booking of burial plots not permitted

• Rector:
Canon Horace McKinley. Tel: 4933953 Mobile 087 0563519
Whitechurch Vicarage, Whitechurch Road, Dublin

• Rev Michael Heaney. Mobile 0862651791 email

 Bloomfield Care Centre / Marlay Nursing Home: Rev. Joyce Rankin

• Parish Overseas Link: Rwandan and Romanian Projects.
Arthur Milligan Tel. 4932509, Har Allison Tel. 4945931, David Hunt, Malcolm Hunt,
Ken Rue Tel 2989497, Robert Syme.

• Churchwardens 2019-2020:
  Jane Kelly - Rector’s Warden.
  Samuel Jessup - Peoples’ Warden.

• Select Vestry 2019-2020:
Har Allison, Ruth Gaskin (Hon. Secretary) , Sylvia Hick, Pauline Horgan(Hon Treasurer, Ruth Hughes, David Hunt, Arthur Milligan, Gerry Pullman, Keith Quinn, Susan Ronan, Jeremy Russell, Hugh St. Leger.

• Parochial Nominators 2017-2020: Rhodanne Heaney, Audrey Champ, Harold Hislop and David Hunt.

• Supplemental Nominators: Ruth Hughes, Sylvia Hick, Gerry Pullman,  Ivan Sutton.

• Diocesan Synodpersons: 2017-2020: Harold Hislop,Ruth Hughes, Ruth Gaskin.

• Supplemental Synodpersons: Ken Hartnett,  Lenore O’Kane, Ivan Sutton

• Authorised to administer the Chalice: Audrey Champ, Lenore Rothwell O’Kane, Harold Hislop, Colin Graham, Mena Ogodo

• Organist/Choirmaster: John Dexter,email:

  Junior Choir: Vacant.

• Sexton: Reg.Richards. Tel.4942111, 087 6938503

• Church Flowers:

• Glebewardens:  Alan Mathews and Keith Quinn.

• Altar Linen: Nellie Goff.

• Sunday School Superintendent: Janine Jamieson Tel: 4061847 (from 4 years).

  Creche: The Stables are available for U 4's with their parents at any stage during Church (The Service can be relayed from the Church)

  Youth Group: Fiona Masterson and Neal Megarity.

• Whitechurch National School: Sarah Richards [Principal] Tel: 4942177 (School).

• School P.T.A. Aisling Gordon and Rowan Hillis (Joint Chairpersons), Stuart Moffett (Secretary), Etaine Magennis (Treasurer), Sarah Richards (Principal), Fiona Masterson (Teacher's Representative), Anne-Marie Trenaman (NPC Rep), Lindsay Delahunty, Helen Kirrane(B.O.M. Representative), Nina Casey, Nichola Kinch (Parent Representative), Ciaran Kirwan ( Parent Represetative),  Geoff Sparling [B.O.M.Representative), Anna Penar Turner.

• Board of Management: Rector (Chairman), Sarah Richards [Principal], Gerry Pullman (Patron's Rep), Geoff Sparling( Father's Rep), Helen Kerrane ( Mother's Rep),  Alex Wilson [Teacher’s Representative], Pat Marchant [Community Representative], Richard Brett [Community Representative].

• Whitechurch News: Editor: Sylvia Hick,

• Healer Prayer Union: Heather Elliott. Tel 4945474.

• Mothers’ Union: Gillian Butler 086 153 69901.

• Mother and Toddler:

• Alpha Course: Michael & Rhodanne Heaney, Tel. 4931167

• Sunday Seeds: Rector, Tel. 4933953.

• Bible Reading Notes: Rhodanne Heaney, Tel: 4931167.

• Whitechurch Cub Scouts: Glen Vince.

• Whitechurch Brownies 1: Hazel Furlong

  Whitechurch Brownies 2: Fiona Jessup and  Louisa Sullivan   

• Whitechurch Guides: Ruth Hughes, Tel 087-2959245

• Whitechurch Ladybirds: Naomi Mulligan, Tel. 4949499

• Drop In Centre: Linda Quigley, Rhodanne Heaney, Kate Swanton

• Badminton: Petrina Blair Tel. 4947091.

• Bowling Club: Heather Elliott 01 4945474 / 086 8039512

• Church Review: Heather Plummer Tel. 4944809.

• C.of I. Gazette: Parish office Tel:4934972

• Eco congregation Rep. Pamela Sheil. Tel 4933359

• Parish Archivist: Leslie McQueston, Tel: 4943774.

• Parish Financial Scheme: Ivan Sutton (Administrator), Gail McGrane (Treasurer/Recorder)
Lenore Rothwell-O’Kane, Pauline Horgan,  Churchwardens.

• Safeguarding Trust Parish Panel: Rector,  Don Lewis, Ruth Hughes and Hugh St. Leger.

• Select Vestry’s Old Schools Administration Committee:
Arthur Milligan [Chairperson] Tel 4932509, Michael Hodgins, Kathleen Swanton and Nadya Dunne.

Stables Management Committee: Jackie Jolley (Chairperson) Tel: 4943310, Cleo Burgess, Philip Champ, Tony Sutton.

• School Secretary: Laoighse De Burca Tel: 4942177 (office).

• Parish office Tel/Fax 4934972, and email address:
Rector’s P.A. Janet Gillis [Monday - Thursday 9.00am – 1.00pm]
Secretary: Sylvia Byrne [Thursday & Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm]

• Parish Website:

• External Resources that use the Old Schools are:-

• Whitechurch Day-Care [Age Care] Service [under the auspices of the Health Board].
Supervisor, Nurse Joan O'Driscoll C.N.M.I. (Monday/Wednesday/Thursday) Tel. 086 3837420

• Montessori School. Enquiries to G.Fair Tel. 087 4187031

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